It is one thing having the right kind of content on your website, the most successful brands and businesses are the ones that know how to splice up that content and push it out on the right social media platforms.

Richard can help you engage with and then attract key customers to your site through the right messages on social media.  Here’s how:

Social Media – training and expertise

If you produce great content for your company website without telling anyone about it then you simply don’t exist in the digital world. Your potential customers now expect and want you to find them and let them know what you can offer them.

Richard can work with you to create the best digital strategy that matches engaging content with eye catching social media messages

Option 1

Richard can take on responsibility for creating the right kind of social media content that will drive people to your business website.

Agree a monthly strategy for the areas of content you want covered, the number of messages to be sent out a week or over a month on different platforms.

Option 2

Training and workshops

  • Specialist social media training and workshops to key members of staff so that your business can manage its social media coverage for itself

  • From just an hour to half a day, one or two day workshops designed to help you and your members of staff understand the different types of social media, how they work and what sort of content is right for each one