SOCIAL MEDIA: Training and workshops

  • Specialist social media training and workshops to key members of staff so that your business can manage its social media coverage for itself

  • From just an hour to half a day, one or two day workshops designed to help you and your members of staff understand the different types of social media, how they work and what sort of content is right for each one


One hour digital clinic

Investing in social media is a big step for any business to take.

Let Richard help you determine what your company needs most out of social media and the best ways to get there.

Richard will take you through a series of questions either in person or via Skype to identify the areas where you might need the most support and then suggest the most cost effective route to get there.


Half a day workshop

  • Analyse your current social media and digital presence

  • Look at social media tools that could make your life much easier online

  • Brainstorm content ideas

  • Set out objectives for your digital strategy


One day workshop

  • A close examination of your current content and communications strategy and what social media you are doing

  • An analysis of different social media platforms, what they do best and how you can make the most of them

  • An analysis of your competitive set to determine their strengths and weaknesses on social media and the opportunities for you

  • Brainstorm content ideas

  • Determine your digital and content strategy goals and objectives and how you would measure success.   


Two day workshop

  • Day one as above

  • Day two: work through Richard’s recommendations for the right digital and content strategy for your business based on the first day’s workshop and your goals

  • Work hand in hand with different team members on the right content your company can produce for different social media platforms

  • Practical exercises to see what social media posts work best for your company

  • Action plan to implement social media strategy in your business

  • Social media monitoring to help you understand what people are saying about you online

  • Social media reporting so that you can see how you are performing online


Social media for business leaders – why it can’t be ignored

Two hours to half day

It is rare for senior company executives to be directly involved in their business’ social media activity.  But it is vital they know what their company is saying and equally importantly what other people are saying about them on social media.

This two hour to half day course looks at why social media matters in the boardroom.

It will:

  • Look at overall social media trends and its future growth

  • Your current social media performance compared to your peers and key competitors

  • How social media can help you see trends and industry in different light

  • How to make money out of social media

  • Crisis management through social media. Looking at both how to handle criticism on social media and also how to make the most of social media in a business crisis

  • How to make sure social media

  • How best to share your thoughts and influence on social media

  • Who are the most influential people you need to follow and why


Ongoing social media consultancy/mentoring

Work with your business on an on-going monthly basis to monitor your social media performance and to ensure your team is producing good social media content and then analysing the results through analytics tools. Can also help create and post out social media messages.

* If you are interested in any of these options then please contact Richard for more information and costs on